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Colli di Conegliano Bianco
Colli di Conegliano Rosso e Rosso Riserva
Refrontolo Secco e Refrontolo Passito
Torchiato di Fregona

In the eastern foothills of Treviso we find the Docg Colli di Conegliano, with a production of hill wines from vines that grow informally within the same geographical boundaries of the Docg of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore. The Colli di Conegliano is a still wine and, depending on the type, white, red or passito, expresses features both of the variety of grapes that make up the blend and the area of cultivation of the same grapes. The common denominator of these wines is the intense fragrance and the gustatory vivacity, each in varying degrees on the basis of the proportion of grapes used in the wine-making process.
The wines produced are the Bianco, the Rosso, the Refrontolo and the Refrontolo passito as well as the Torchiato di Fregona.
The latter is a sweet wine with a yellow golden colour and is rare because it is produced in limited quantities. The name comes from the particular 'winepressing' of thee raisined grapes.
The Refrontolo passito instead comes from withering of the Marzemino grapes and partly owes its fame to Mozart, who, while composing the music for the libretto of Don Giovanni by the Vittorio Veneto born Lorenzo Da Ponte, put in the mouth of the protagonist the famous words "pour the wine! Excellent Marzemino". It was thus inevitable that the Marzemino would become the wine of Mozart!
These oenological products find their origin in an area of natural beauty, both from a naturalistic and an artistic perspective.

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